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Take 15 – 15 Years in 15 Minutes

February 14, 2015 Leave a comment

I’m off to Grenoble France to teach MBA and Masters students at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, for the 15th year.  The courses and students and teachers have changed over time, but the feeling of reward returns each and every year.

Every year, something – some little thing, some little idea, some little trick, some little correction or some little encouragement that I share will stick in the memory of a student.  The biggest blessing a teacher has is when students find you years later and tell you how that little thing made a difference.

grenoble clouds

I generally teach Consultants, Entrepreneurs or Business Professionals skills to win business and succeed in careers over the long term. So as I return back for the 15th time, I am thinking about if I had 15 hours, or just 15 minutes  to summarize all of those somethings from 15 years of teaching into a few things, what would they be?

Here’s a take of the 15:

  1. Listen, actively
  2. Focus on understanding, not agreement
  3. Prioritize
  4. Align priorities with stakeholders
  5. Aim to win, not just to play
  6. Build your reputation, online
  7. Find alternatives
  8. Use milestones to adjust and celebrate
  9. Yes is the strategic no
  10. All about you comes before all about me
  11. Communicate in stories
  12. Break big problems into small ones
  13. Free is not a price
  14. Have a risk management plan
  15. Connect others to connect yourself

What am I missing?  What has stuck with you?


Sharon’s e-references for Management Consulting Students

February 26, 2008 4 comments

Management Consulting Tools – 2008

Sharon Crost’s Electronic References for creating outstanding consultants

Networking (it’s not just what you know…)

Freelancing: It’s Not Business – It’s Personal


How to improve your network skills

The ROI of Networking

Writing Great Proposals

How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea: ( personally, I really like this article)

Harv Bus Rev. 2003 Sep;81(9):117-23, 134

Writing Proposals that Work

Top 10 Tips for Winning Proposals

Nine Steps to an Effective Proposal:

The Five Deadly Mistakes of Proposal Development

Creating Knock-Out Business Proposals

February 02, 2001 By Stever Robbins

Note: if your proposal is really important, I suggest you buy a book on proposal writing (you can select from several inexpensive used books in English from for example). It may be worth the small investment…

Strategic Analysis

The strategic planning process (note that it’s a totally basic overview)

Strategic Management (excellent summary)

Project Management

Project planning and management tools

Project Management Tools

Measuring Performance

Measuring Performance

How to measure success: Uncovering the Secrets of Effective Metrics

Measuring relevant things (get this electronically from the school library…)

Denton, Keith D, “Measuring Relevant Things”, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management; 2005; 544-547.


Questionnaire Design

The Survey System

Questionnaire Design – General considerations

Survey Monkey (Electronic Tool) – I am such a fan of this tool !

Note that if you sign up they have an excellent survey design tutorial.

Why wouldn’t Marketing Masters use Wikipedia?

February 24, 2008 9 comments

On Thursday in class I made a suggestion to students to look up unknown terms in Wikipedia and one of the students replied that another professor (professors?) recommended against using it.  I think this was probably a misunderstanding, well I hope so.  But the comment surprised me, so I am wondering about this subject.

Our marketing world (particularly the Web 2.0 world) is evolving so quickly that this reference site is a great way of getting new information.  I used the  term “feedburner” as an example.   Not a lot of the students knew about feedburner, let alone RSS.   Google paid attention, then paid millions for feedburner …  shouldn’t curious, learning students type stuff like this in Wikipedia and get quick answers?

But why stop there, go Web 3.0, let’s talk wikianswers and askwiki…

There’s never been a more fun time for me to be a marketer with almost limitless (except for budget) possibilities that far exceed what I used to be able to do with the 4Ps marketing mix (yeah, type that in wikipedia)…

So what do you think, why wouldn’t Marketing Masters use Wikipedia?