Management Consulting Student e-Link Resources

The  following collaborative resource guide is an excellent list for those who would like handy references for Management Consulting success. This was compiled by Sharon Crost, Management Consulting team facilitator on 23 February 2009 at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business by the management consultants listed below.

Pekka Rautala

(in its context)

Israel Camarillo

Laurynas Jonusauskas

Jon Poley

Felix Kempf

Joseph Lynn

And, of course, no list would be complete without

Abi Akin-Bankole

Katai Jumba

Carolina Ferro



The above websites are a great reliable research Management Consulting resource tool that provides very accurate and updated information about financial news and data company.


Kompass is another great reliable searching Management Consulting Tool that provides commercial, financial and industrial information on over 2 million companies worldwide.

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is a global management company and it is the leading advisor on business strategy.

Harvard Business Review

Flo Shouls


Fuchs J. (1975) Making the most of management consulting services. Management consultancy – a transformation

Sanjay Cherian

(gives complete guidelines for selecting performance measurements, including many general resources)

(an extensive repository of KPIs from different departments and varied industries – IT, Marketing, Finance, Logistics, etc)

(performance management & appraisal systems, including workforce management, performance & productivity, etc)

(provides an overview of management performance tools – compiled by the chartered institute of personnel & development, uk)

(detailed metric system & tools for measuring performance in business, including sales, advertising, banking, crisis management, etc)

(a resource of the most widely used management methods & tools)

(management in a wide range of areas such as change, innovation, risk, strategy, etc)

Julia Kosela




webmail services, docs, extranet, promotion

Real-time global financial data

Interesting video/podcasts

Interesting for small business ideas

Market Research

To make your relationships with clients more personal, to help your clients make their relationships more personal

(under construction at the moment, please contact directly)

For instant survey results (live), interactive trainings, plenary sessions

Luz Yady Jaimes

Look for jobs in consultancy


Management Consultancy Tools

And of course one for fun

Francis Ifeanyi Ezeodili

Christy Li Management Consultant

Management consulting news:

Business process modeling tools:

Price consulting framework:

Consulting resources:

Journals and Articles

Market information

Strategic transformation framework

Susanna Summa

Here is a high quality link about consultancy tools and practises. There are further links inside the pages.

The Consultants’ Consultant at

Hamed Alavi

inistitute of management consulting

management consulting news

Arthur D. Little

Massey Massoumeh Tahmasebi

IMC USA (Institute of Management Consultant)

Just click local web guide to management consulting sites

Ace the Case

Augustine Entonu Etu-080363 human resources.

2. Top IT

Maureen Agbaroji Management Consultant

especially the Accenture in-house Outlook Journal.

Assel Yergeshbayeva Oxford Brookes University

Augusto-Gus Salguero

Consulting process – Entry level

To get to know more about a potential client profile such as education, working experience, interests, network or circle of influence, ambitious and so, perhaps, we can research into LinkedIn:

Apparently, it is a website used for more than 35 million of professional to exchange experiences and new ideas.

Consulting process – Diagnosis level

Depending on the size of the client and resources, we (managers consultant) could suggest the use of market intelligence service such as MINTEL which specialise in market research consultancy (particularly useful, for instance, in entry to a foreigner market and we want information regarding consumer behaviour and attitudes):

However, the price for an industry report tends to be high.

Consulting process – Implementation level

Talking last Friday night with Joseph Lynn (current student of Management Consulting specialisation), he suggested me to look at the following website:

It is just an open management system (free software). I thought it could be particularly useful for those small enterprises lacking financial resources. I believed it could be considered as one of those tool or resource used by managers in the consultancy field.

John Antonios Lebanon

Generic Consulting Resources



Articles on Consulting

Industry Specific Resources

(Emergency Management Consulting)

(Vault’s Video Guide to Management Consulting Interviews)

Julia Stenina

up to date info on Russia:

different facts on Russia:

in Russian

Corporate Management – different kind of useful information for consulting including articles, methodological and analytical information


Economy – Sociology – Management: articles Q&A

Iolanta Bivol

General Links:

Audit and consulting companies

Project Management Tools & Services Find solutions for business:


Institute of Management Consultants USA :

Management Consultancies Association (MCA)

Institute of Business Consulting (IBC)

The International Consulting Economists’ Association (ICEA) :

White papers, case studies, business articles, and blog posts relating to management consulting:

Performance Management:

The Balanced Scorecard Institute:



Management Consulting News,

Consulting Magazine

Management consultancy Magazine

Journal of Management Consulting

Consulting to Management

Harvard Business Review :

The journal of high-performance business :

Top consultant:

Emre Keçer

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