In Your Words – Testimonials

“Sharon is an outstanding Marketing professional who develops high-powered, high-quality marketing strategies that are effective and make creative yet sensible use of current technology.”

“Sharon is an innovative and results-oriented collaborator. She understands the client’s concerns and recommends both strategic and tactical ideas to get business results. She is a very effective marketing consultant.”

“I highly recommend attending one of Sharon’s Management Consulting sessions. She is such an enthusiastic, engaging individual, which portrays a professional and a very articulate approach when teaching, with an excellent listening and observer skills. An apparent vast experience in management consultant field confirmed by the fine track record and by the very insightful tips from the industry. A continuous drive for excellence and personal improvement maintains Sharon on top of her game.”

“Sharon helped me a lot to “market myself” and answered many of my questions regarding the Marketing Arena. She gave me and my fellow colleagues confidence to search and apply for jobs since we are at a difficult phase to find one.”

“Sharon is a very dynamic teacher and full of enthusiasm. She is sound in her subject and the teaching approach is brilliant. She is a damn good observer, and I have noticed, she takes her teaching as passion and is very dedicated. I was very lucky to be taught by her. Many thanks to Sharon.”

“Working with Sharon has been a great experience – she is very committed to the success and development of her MBA students, delivering a high impact, pragmatic course on Management Consulting Skills at the Grenoble Graduate School. A key contribution to her very positive student evaluations is the practical hands-on experience that she has gained, working in a wide variety of business sectors. A very talented colleague to work with!”

“Sharon challenges your sense of Imagination and dares you to go a step further which are the things you need to move ahead in Life. She was able to teach me new things even those I did not know about myself. She is a wonderful Lecturer although I would rather like to think of her as a Mentor as she was able to stimulate my Ideas and I intend to keep myself in her Network. She is verify Imaginative and creative and playing her elevator pitch game is a true revelation of where you may have a weakness in yourself if you are lucky enough to be in her class, take note of everything she says as it is like Gold Dust.”

“I have attended more sales and management courses than I can remember, but never a course with so much dynamic relevance and interaction.  Brilliant!”

“Sharon is like an energy bomb…. be ready to follow her… there is no place for “rest” in her class!  Very exciting sessions!”

“Be prepared, this one IS different!”

Sharon is capable of keeping the sessions alive! Thorough, comprehensive and very exciting method of learning.  The best experience I’ve had at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Energetic.  Anything but boring!”

She is a guiding light to the vague consultancy business world

“A very good active high energy instructor”

“One of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had”

  1. December 29, 2009 at 02:05

    It has been just over one year since Sharon and myself met at one of her courses in Paris. In spite of being in a Midle Age’ country (technologically speaking)since then I now write regularly on several blogs (over 200 articles), opened half a dozen new projects online, work as Social Media Consultant for Italian firms and teach the subject… is that enough to explain what Sharon can do for you??? Unforgettable!

  2. Severine Cailles
    March 16, 2009 at 01:25

    In a matter of a few hours, Sharon unveiled to us the vast world of social media. I can’t wait for going into action. Sharon is one of those guides who definitely stimulates you to evolve your points of view.

  3. March 3, 2009 at 13:46

    Sharon wasn’t just an instructor, she was more of a muse to me. After attending her class, it took me less than 5 days to take my consulting future to the next level and start my own consulting business. I owe her my future success. Thank you Sharon.

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