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Tweet Others As You Would Like To Be Tweeted – My Social Media Strategy

I’m still buzzing from the outstanding speakers at #BizTechDay Oct 22/23.IMG_7447

First and foremost, a huge thanks to Amador-Tuolumne Community Action Agency who helped sponsor my attendance and Kristin from Malama Loyalty for sharing notes and ideas.

Here are 5 key takeaways that I would like to share:

My Social Media Strategy:  Tweet others as you would like to be tweeted.  Just to be clear, this was not heard from Craig Newmark at Craigslist since he quoted the golden rule more accurately as one of his final fireside chat remarks.  But I misheard it and love it.  This is, in essence my own social media strategy.

Peg your press communication to something relevant in the world. This idea is from Sue Kwon at CBS5.  She is outstanding at creating a compelling story.  Go out and read news headlines and know how your story relates to or solves key problems.  Be sure to use relevant statistics in your communication.  And when you are telling your story on video – be camera ready, have signage/logos, and look good…

Have your customers vying to tell your story. Your story is likely even more compelling coming right from the horses mouth (well, if horses are your customer).   Nowadays “customers” can be fans, friends, followers and all the world’s folks that know and love your stuff.  Capture the stories that your horses are happy to tell.

Know and love your metrics. Tim Ferriss suggested Anne Holland’s WhichTestWon.com — and as a lover of A/B testing, I love this concept.  Go get your own.  Know which tests are important to you and how the results will make your onsite endeavors more effective.

Make policy, not decisions. This is another Tim Ferris inspired tidbit.  So many of the leaders I know aren’t comfortable delegating decisions or spend tons of time making decisions.  Find the decisions that you are re-decisioning and create and communicate the policy around them.  Then check your metrics to watch your reduction of time spent in decision-making.

The event website is here.  Thanks to the organizers and speakers for the great wealth of knowledge you shared with us!

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