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Blog Action Day, So Dirty

Growing Dirt

Growing Dirt

17 years ago I made a dirty investment, well, I made an investment in dirt.  I bought a piece of land that was pretty much filled with horse poop, and that was a good thing.  Since then, that piece of land shown above  has continued to be filled with green compost, local horse and llama manure, neighborly turkey manure (though that won’t be repeated), experiemental biofuel, and a ton of vegetables and fruit that have fed families and restaurants in our community.

Today is blog action day — a day where climate change gets a deserved front and center stage in the blogosphere, which I hope is good news for the biosphere.   What does climate change have to do with dirt?  Everything.  Healthy organically grown dirt in my front yard means sustainable healthy food, healthy people and a healthier planet.  No petroleum needed to grow the food or transport it across the world, no pesticides needed to obliterate the pests. IMG_1610IMG_1823IMG_1788

Take the dirt, add local sunshine and water, share seeds with the hood, grow diverse open pollinated heirlooms and my front yard becomes a small and meaningful part of the blog action day solution.

Oh, and did I mention just how good our front yard dirt grown produce tastes? (yeah Jean you are going to be doing the testimonial for those chile rellenos!)

In addition to all the great things you will be doing to support the global climate, please spend a bit of time getting dirty.

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  1. Khom Klanman
    November 4, 2010 at 09:45

    Dear Sharon,
    You make me think of Beatrix Potter, an English children’s book illustrator. Her famous nook is the tale of Peter Rabbit. She loved the nature and had strong sensitivity of the countryside community. She purchased Hill Top farm to conserve the countryside. You remind me of her good will and gratitude towards the nature and community. Thank you so much that I have another Potter on this earth.

    Khom Klanman

  2. October 19, 2009 at 20:18

    Blog Action Day, So Dirty……..Huh??!!
    Dirty – NO WAY! I’m sorry, but it doesn’t get any better than this! What an awesome investment you made! This is what we all need to be doing – growing our own food or supporting those that do. We desperately need local sources of organically grown food that has not needed any (or very little) petroleum to produce and transport that food to our kitchen tables for our consumption. Getting ‘down and dirty’ growing our food needs to be recognized as the proper and intelligent thing to do, especially in todays environment. How about some tips placed on “Social Media” sites (after teaching us dinosaurs how to access it) on how to grow our own food? What about some ‘real life’ gardening tips? By the way, how do I find one or two of those chile rellenos? Ron

    • Sharon Crost
      October 20, 2009 at 20:46

      Hey Ron, Thanks for your comments!
      I’ve been a fan of John Jeavons/Ecology Action. Here is some online info to get folks started:
      I’ve attended a “grow more vegetables” workshop sponsored by Ecology Action, and we actually have a double-digging tool that Farmer Steve used on our soil years ago.
      I’ll send you a photo of the chili rellenos, but hurry the anaheims are just about calling it quits for the season.
      I do look forward to using the best of social media to outreach on good clean dirt…

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