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Social Technologies for Progressive Change – N2Y4 Conference

Go ahead and raise your hand! Yep just raise it. Repeat regularly. Repeat when asked to volunteer. Cause you never know where it could lead you. And that’s a good thing.

I raised my hand digitally when I saw this announcement http://tinyurl.com/o95dsy. A good thing. Because I am now the project champion for ITCentral which you’ll hear more about from me in a bit. I am honored to help champion ITCentral at Net Squared’s Mobile Challenge conference next week. WOW, this is going to be an astounding exchange of ideas, particularly for using innovations in mobile technology for social change. The conference brings together all types of people playing at the intersection of technology and progressive change.  What an impressive group of attendees! Just imagine the possibilities that they will create for global community engagement. That’s a really good thing!

And you can participate from the safety of your home (or mobile telephone), just click  here for more conference info or click on the widget below to follow along.

For now, check out all of the innovative projects out there, especially the 15 featured projects selected into the competition by community vote – I promise you’ll be impressed.  Which of the projects will you raise your hand for?


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