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Can You Endorse Me? Social Reviews Part II

I recently asked a group of about 35 students in class if I should recommend every one of them in LinkedIn. Their answers were as beautifully diverse as the students themselves. But the answer wasn’t yes. In general they felt that if I endorsed every student it would dilute the value of my recommendations. So should I endorse just the students who ask? Or just the students who got the best grades? Or just the ones looking for jobs? Ah, these are some of the tricky questions that we need to answer for ourselves when sending and receiving recommendations in social networks.

Contributing to recommendations is a great way to learn about social review processes, so I would like to encourage them as much as possible. So I came up with a process for the students which may help.
1) Recommendations are two-way. Before giving a recommendation I ask that the student gives a recommendation to somebody else first. It reinforces the learning and the beauty of contribution.
2) Recommendations should be focused on the person’s value add. It’s less interesting to read a recommendation that says a person is generally a great contributor or team player, and more interesting when a recommendation focuses on things that stand out. So I generally ask the students to reflect on what they feel are their key value-adds for their academic or professional interests.

If a student makes it through these challenges, then it’s highly likely that they have learned the value of the process and merit a recommendation.
Do you endorse everyone who asks?

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