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Extrasensory perception (ESP)- the new victim of social media

It’s T-1 for the Marketing Now conference in Wellington and I’m already fascinated with the social media brainpower that Siobhan Bulfin has put together!

OK, sure, get a bunch of e-geeks together and there will be talk of Twitter worms, follow spam, techniques to differentiate robots from humans, and the many ways of dealing with too many followers and not enough finger speed.

The extraordinarily cool benefits of this kind of brainpower concentration are already emerging and the conference hasn’t even begun.

In just a few hours, we already had new business models in SEO/ social media insurance policies, cause marketing, loyalty programs and education.

But almost as cool…. this particular community of brainpower is well connected:  using “full portfolio” communication (full portfolio meaning talking to each other verbally while simultaneously or subsequently tweeting to each other) you no longer needs to guess what the person next to you is thinking — and if you miss any of the conversation, you can catch it live a few minutes later.

Stay tuned, I am getting a really good feeling about this conference, but in case ESP becomes the next victim of a worm or profile erasure, watch the hashtag #mktgnow.

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