Holy eBay Robin, Social Media’s got my Batbelt!

Batman is a superhero known for his analytical detective skills and using tools on his famous batman utility belt to handle all sorts of challenges from the villains.   Ah, as if all you have to do is add “bat” in front of a tool and it becomes unique, special, just the right tool for the job.

Today with a bat-iPhone utility belt armored with a bat-map, a bat-calendar, bat-Twitter, bat-Skype and bat-internet we can handle all sorts of challenges from the communication cost and time villains.  And even more interesting, with today’s bat-tools we no longer need to shine a bat-signal into Gotham City for our communication, we’ve got bat-e-Bay!

Bat e-Bay can be used to auction something unique to a very large audience of which a small population would be highly interested — something like a 1966 official Batman Utility Belt.

batbeltPermission for photo graciously provided by e-Bay seller where the item is auctioned http://tinyurl.com/ctru7w

The batman utility belt is an excellent  long tail example:  no longer is it a detective challenge for the likes of  a superhero like Batman to find the right pool of potentially interested purchasers.  Social media casts a huge net and the villains of cost and time are easy to fight.  Yep, bat-times have clearly changed and the distribution bat-channels have also changed tremendously.  Though if you are looking for souvenirs of the same bat-time at the same bat-channel, stay tuned cause bat-social media’s got your back.

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