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Update on my Professional and Personal Projects

I’ve been a busy little elf this year. Here are some of the projects I’ve managed in 2007:

* Working with Red Bricks Media, the most INCREDIBLE interactive agency in the world, I had a blast directing some of their largest accounts spanning the full gamut of multimedia fun. I managed projects in paid search, search engine optimization, alliance programs, lead generation, viral campaigns, and on and on… working with a TALENTED, intelligent yet still outrageously fun team!

* In April, I was out in New York City, where I spoke on the topic of ROI for advanced advertising campaigns at the Search Engine Strategies conference, in front of some like 6000 or so people… (yeah, seeing your face projected on a huge video screen can be daunting…). Yes, I Luv NYC, even when it snows on the Easter Parade.

* During the summer, I worked on a project for the State of California, helping research agencies and develop poverty-related services for Silicon Valley (yes, one of the richest areas yet in serious need of communication, coordination and services to help those less fortunate). I managed primary and secondary research (for my students who know the difference), spent tons of hours on valuable analysis and provided an extensive insightful report.

* I am working with one of the most passionate and talented documentary film directors of our time (www.outoftheshadow.com), who is giving hope to families dealing with mental illness (schizophrenia). I am helping develop a web presence to inform families, health professionals and agencies, and sell the film (on DVD). This film will change your life, go to the site and buy it!!!

* And speaking of passion and talent, check out twiststudio.com! If you are looking for pure creativity and intelligence to boost your brand, go TWIST! I helped Twist with some strategic ideas this autumn, and I am looking forward to collaborating on GREAT innovations in 2008 and beyond. Watch out, Twist Studio is in BLAST OFF!!!

* Have you gone totally digital? Well in California, believe it or not, there is a large unserved and underserved population of folks who could clearly benefit from internet services and emerging technologies. I am helping facilitate government and business folks in 5 California counties to communicate, learn, market, and create applications and infrastructure to develop new business opportunities for Sierra Foothill populations.  Internet marketing just isn’t the same without the internet…

* And there’s more… I’m now starting up yet another project. This new project will identify the hottest emerging solution providers for potential partnerships/alliances with a top hardware vendor.  This project has it all: branding, online marketing, market landscape, client intelligence, face-to-face interviews, analysis, database development, reporting… yep, all the good makings of a brilliant project.

* But of course doing isn’t enough, I still love sharing wisdom along the way…. So I’ll be teaching again this year, most notably at the Grenoble Ecole de Management.. for the 7th year! Check out my new interactive marketing course, and my promo video, this is gonna be GREAT fun!!!

* Personally, I’m getting in outstanding shape to get out and do some crazy snowboarding this season!!! When I’m not out jogging (or jobbing) I’m spending tons of time on my organic farm.  I’m eating healthy and natural stuff, right from the garden… and mostly vegetarian… if I can keep all the bugs out of my fresh green salad…

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